Ella Vander-Dolen

Me In my Hufflepuff Robes

This Character is Roleplayed by ERFTwilight

"I was sitting in my window chair, reading my favourite book, when an owl flew up to my window and carelessly hit it! I ran down to the porch to see if it was ok. It handed me a letter and plew away twards the moon. I read it, Wowie! I exclamed. I showed my Parents, they were So proud!


I am Ella Vander-Dolen. I am a second Year Hufflepuff and I Love Hogwarts. I have a Cat named Misty, an Owl named Hattie and a Pigmy puff, Poppy.

About MeEdit

I am a PROUD Hufflepuff and I am very happy to be here. I am a Half- blood, My mom is a Muggle born and As is my dad. I also have a sister, she loves to play with Poppy.


My Loyal Pigmy Puff, She loves to annoy Misty. She loves to bounce on Hedges and Play with her toys. You could not ask for a better fluff!