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The Founder's MessageEdit

Welcome to the Wiki! Please read these before creating a character

  • Please Make up a fake name for your character. Saftey is my #1 Priority
  • No giving out personal info
  • Please do not upload any real life people to the wiki, stick to objects and animation ONLY
  • No uploading innaproprate photos
  • You can have as many characters you can take care of, please, don't eat more than you can chew.

If you want to join the wiki, owl me and I will send you an owl with your Hogwarts acceptance letter. Enjoy!, Oh and Ps, Try to NOT make your character in the year 2011-2012, not 2017! And our years are a year, NO MAGIC IN THE SUMMER!!!!!!

The Headmisstress' message:Edit

Hello! Welcome to Hogwarts, I am your Headmisstriss Diane Gregory , Students please call me Prof.Gregory. I am the Headmisstress of Hogwarts. Please note some start of year announcements

  • The Forbidden forest is STRICTLY forbidden
  • The Prefect's Bathroom is for the Strict use of Prefects, Head Students and Quidditch Captians.
  • The Curfu is 9:00 SHARP any students found roaming the corridors afterwords will be punished
  • Register Now for your house's Quidditch team, 2nd years and up!

​But anyway, Do Dig in!

The Deputy Headmisstress' message:

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your stay here at Hogwarts. I am your Deputy Headmisstriss, you may call me Prof. Vance. Prof. Gregory covered mostly eveything, so if you need anything else, contact me or her. Have fun, and always be the best you can be. Enjoy!

House PointsEdit

The house points can only be edited by Hogwarts Staff. Prefects may deduct points from their own house only.

House Point Pics

Gryffindor: 0

Hufflepuff: 5

Ravenclaw: 0

Slytherin: 0

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  1. Want to make your OWN wand of paper? Check out "Make a Paper wand wiki." Another one of ERFTwilight's creation. <3
  2. (More coming soon)
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