Diane Gregory

Me When I first Started Here

This Character is Roleplayed by ERFTwilight

I was sitting in my Charms office when I herd footsteps coming toward me, The old headmisstriss Minerva McGonagall, Told me that she was retiring and appointed me Headmisstress! I have been and till' the day I die be Headmisstress.

Hello! I am Diane Gregory, your Headmisstress. When I went to Hogwarts, I Was Very Proud to be sorted into Ravenclaw. When I was 7, I accediently swalloed a sickle. I had to spend a month in St.Mungo's before they


decided on what to do. I Have a Black Cat named Shugar. I am a metamorphagus. I enherited It from my grandmother, Then My mother and her brother (Ted Tonks) got it. Uncle Ted gave to to my cousin, Nymphadora and she gave it to my "nephew" Teddy. I gave it to my Daughter, Nessie. I married Walter Gregory and had a Daughter. (Nessie)

Magical Life

My Wand: A 13" Blood wood wand with a Veela Hair CoreBloodwood,veela hair

My Patronus: Kangaroo


My Boggart: Prana