Mike Harris

This Character is Rolplayed by ERFTwilight

Prof.Harris Peacock (Expecto Patronum!)

When I was A student at Hogwarts, I was the best in my year, so I was appointed Charms Professer. I used to work at the Hog's Head Pub then 'Ministry, as a printer for the ministry' then applied here!

I come from a LONG line of Hufflepuffs, My Mother was the first to break the chain (dad married a Ravenclaw). This Is my First year teaching Charms. I own Vault # 3 and I currently don't have anything in there. I was born on Febuary 29. Yes I was

Willow Wand

My Wand

born on the extra day of the year. So I right now I am 44 (shh!) and If we only Celebrated my birthday on the exact I'd be 11! I am Rather tall man, last time I measured myself I was 6ft 2" ao a 6 ft 2 11 year old! Funny, funny. My Patronus is a Peackok and my wand is a 15" Willow wand with a dragon Heartstring core.