Rowan Rider

This Character is Roleplayed By: ERFTwilight

Hi How are you! My name is Rider, Rowan Rider. I am captian of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, and play as seeker. I ride the Firebolt and love to play quidditch. I play quidditch with my brothers. I am one of seven, and 'the youngest, 6 brothers older than me. My mother died when I was very young. I like to keep my hair short, so it's not in the way. My dad says I keep it short like my brothers!

Rowan Rider Firebolt (RR) (Let's Fly!)

Magical LifeEdit

My patronus is a gibbon monkey, my boggart is being in a wheelchair and I play seekerand captian on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.

My PossesionsEdit

Mike, my owlEdit

Mikie is the best screech owl you can have. He's really goofy, and bumps into walls often. His feathers are soft and smooth, and he does not bite. He likes to hang in the owlrey and "hoot" with other school owls.

My Firebolt, no it does not have a name.Edit

Firebolt (RR)

My firebolt

My firebolt is awsome. It is such a smooth ride and it can co superfast. 150 miles per hour. It has a cool breaking charm in


The Firebolt in the quibbler

it so it is very easy to break on it. It has a reasonable hovering level when I let it go. The handle is smooth wood and the brass rings on the tail are shiny as ever!

My WandEdit

Reed Wand

My wand

I own a wand that is made out of Reed, with Veela Hair, that is 11". See the picture below. It's handel is wrapped in twine, it is the perfect handle for me, curves where it's suppost to, flexable, just for me!