The Money System

This Is how the money system works. When you get a Vault, it comes with 10 Galleons, 10 sickles and 10 knuts. In your Vault, this will be there:

My Money

10 Galleons

10 Sickles

10 Knuts

Here are the Earnings:

Professurs: 5 galleons/week

Quidditch Captain: 3 galleons/week

Quidditch Players: 2 galleons/week

Head Boy/Girl: 3 gallepns/week

Prefects: 2 galleons/week

You are responsable for adding your own money. Storeoners are able to deduct money from pouch. There is no charge for pouches. See Gringotts to purchase a pouch. When you buy Something, you will Have to include your Vault #.

Leave a comment if you have any questions.